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About The Heart of Cacao

The Heart Of Cacao 

At The Heart Of Cacao, we offer different workshops, full day events as well as retreats that are all centered around a cacao ceremony and many other wonderful modalities that further our healing and connection to ourselves and others.


The events are an invitation to take time out for ourselves, dive deep into ourselves, be nourished, as well as connect to our inate healing capacity and inner healer.

Caco is a wonderful, gentle but nevertheless powerful plant medicine that can highten our sensitivity, awareness as well as connect us deeper to our heart.

Together with other wonderful healing modalities, these days and events can bring great nourishment and healing.

The events are held and facilitated by two highly skilled, trained and experienced female therapists, Bairbre Crowley and Lisa Brinkmann. 

At our events, some of other modalities offered alongside the cacao are yoga (especially restorative, womb and tantra yoga), meditation and pranayama, transformative breathwork, ecstatic dance, sound baths, shamanic journeying, nature walks and ceremonies, sharing and integration circles, and many more.

To find out more about the wonderful properties of Cacao click here:

To find out more about the many other modalities we offer click here:

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