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Lisa Brinkmann
Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist (Dipl. Psych., PhD.)

Lisa is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in adult and adolescent mental health for nearly 20 years. She is also experienced and trained in the area of sexuality and gender and is one of Ireland's leading mental health professionals working in transgender health care. She is also particularly skilled in working with trauma.

Lisa is also passionate about working with women on topics related to women's emotional, physical, mental and sexual health. She has been leading workshops and circles for Women as well as teenage girls for the last 7 years.("Red Tent" and "Moon Lodge" gatherings, initiation circles for teens).

Lisa is always upskilling and training in different modalities to widen her personal and professional horizons. She is currently training in transpersonal therapy, shamanic therapy as well as attending various forms of yoga teacher training. She just finished a one year training with Gabor Mate in Compassionate Inquiry as well as a one year training in womb- and female specific yoga.

About myself

Hi everyone,

I am so delighted to be running "The Heart of Cacao" together with my wonderful friend and colleague Bairbre. It is such an honour to be able to bring this wonderful medicine and work to people and I enjoy our events and workshops so much. What I particularly love about working with Cacao is that very little words and talking are needed. Cacao has this beautiful ability to connect us to our inner healer and our own internal ressources, something that we are often very disconnected from - or untrusting of. 

When I am not working as a therapist and facilitator, I am mainly a mum to two wonderful girls who bring so much joy to my life. We live very close to the sea and being able to just walk to the beach every morning with my dog is one of the biggest gifts. I also enjoy horseriding a lot and have my own horse who I like taking to the beach also.

I also get a lot of pleasure out of music and art and I would consider myself a very creative person. I love reading and learning and I am forever engaged in widening my horizons.

Yoga and spiritual practice fill a big part of my every day life and allow me to deeply connect to myself and the bigger mysteries of life.

I currently have a very big interest in transpersonal Psychology and I am training and deepening my understanding of using holotropic states as healing modalities. I hope to someday be able to offer this alongside the many other tools and skills I have aquired over the last 20 years in my working practice. Working with Cacao is already a first step in that direction.

Cacao came into my life 2 years ago and I deeply respect and enjoy working with "her" so much. I regularly drink Cacao by myself in ceremony as well as being part of group ceremonies.

I particularly like the gentle, kind but nevertheless profoundly powerful nature of Cacao. I have gotten great insights, deeper understandings as well as deeper connections to myself from working with "her". She has also not hesitated to move me through my "shadows" on many occasions which I have been very grateful for.

Being able to share this beautiful medicine and healing tool (alongside other offernings) with people in a concious, intentional and healing way fills me with joy and gratitude.

It would be an honour to welcome you to any of our events and I am very looking forward to meeting you there

Lisa :)



For more info on Lisa's work or to contact her directly:

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