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We hold lots of different Heart of Cacao workshops and events. 

They are usually full day events (1- 6 pm) and are held in Unity Yoga Studio, Clonakilty, West Cork, Ireland.


We are currently holding full day "The Heart of Cacao" Workshops just for women as well as full-day workshops for everyone. 


The workshops center around a cacao ceremony. To support and deepen the effects of the cacao we also offer gentle and restorative yoga, guided meditations, music and dance, transformative breathwork, a sound bath as well as a sharing and integration circle to integrate all of the days experiences.  


Our workshops follow a different theme each time, making each workshop an unique event.


The next date for our "Honouring the Feminine: The Heart of Cacao" Workshop for women is

Saturday, 23rd of April 2022 

The next all day workshop open to everyone is 

Saturday, 23rd of May 2022. 

The cost for these workshops is 85 Euros. 

Please also visit our Facebook page "The Heart of The Cacao" for updates about events, or subscribe to our email list and we can let you know about all upcoming events. 

Our next event:

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Book in to a workshop

If you would like to attend a workshop, please enter this form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible 

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